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The Company is committed to providing a Quality service, which consistently & continuously meets the requirements of its customers whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general. This is achieved by establishing & discharging managerial & operational processes, which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and established experience in the Shipping Industry.

The Company aims to remain a quality service provider by:
  • Meeting customer requirements as defined in the relevant Ship Management Agreements and Charter Parties,
  • Developing and implementing controlled processes,
  • Continual improvements in operational responsiveness,
  • Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISM Code as well as continually improving its Management System,
  • Establishing and communicating measurable & consistent objectives and performance targets to Company employees,
  • Complying with applicable statutory requirements, international legislation and classification society requirements related to the services provided
  • Operating vessels without accident(s) or incident(s) that could endanger Company’s employees, the environment or assets under the company’s care,
  • Complying with current Health & Safety legislation and,
  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training.

In order to meet the above objectives, the Company has developed and implements a Management System, which as a minimum shall meet the requirements of ISO 9001, IMO ISM Code and the MLC 2006. All Company employees are responsible for implementing the Company’s Quality Policy. The Company’s management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Quality Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.


It is the Company’s Policy to establish and implement a “Security Management System” in order to meet the following security requirements:

a) To develop, implement and maintain a Ship Security Plan for each vessel in Accordance with the requirements of the ISPS code Part A & Part B.
b) To detect security threats and take preventive measures against potential security incidents.
c) To designate appropriate senior staff with overall responsibility for security within the company and individual ships.
d) To cooperate with the responsible authorities and to act on advice from them.
e) To promote security awareness amongst all employees.
f) To establish a reporting & recording system for incidents.
g) To establish, implement and verify specific security measures on board.

The Company is committed in providing the appropriate security guidance, advice, documentation and necessary resources in order to meet its security objectives and fully comply with the requirements of the ISPS code and any additional requirements that may be stipulated by the relevant competent Contracting Governments.

In particular, the Company is committed to ensure that the Company Security Officer, the Master and the Ship Security Officer are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with chapter XI-2 and this part of the code. Furthermore, the Company shall consistently and systematically review its security policy and relevant security measures in order to ensure that they remain effective.


It is the Company's Policy to promote and enhance:

  • - Health and Safety at Sea
  • - Prevention of Human Injury or loss of life and welfare of employees
  • - avoidance of any adverse impact on the environment (marine or otherwise), including property

The Company’s objectives regarding Health and Safety Management are:

  • - To provide for Safe Practices in ship Operation and a safe working environment.
  • - To prevent damage to the ship, her cargo and the environment.
  • - To assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish
  • appropriate safeguards.
  • - To prevent loss of human life and personal injury as well as ill health.
  • - To ensure that seafarers’ work environment on board ships promotes occupational safety and Health.
  • - To continuously improve Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to Safety, Health & Environmental Protection.
  • - To ensure that seafarers’ work environment on board ships promotes occupational safety and health.

In order to effectively implement its Safety, Health, Environmental Protection & Energy Policy, the Company:

  • - Has appointed dedicated personnel with the responsibility to maintain an overview of Health, Safety, Environmental and Energy efficiency matters.
  • - Consistently follows all national and international rules and regulations governing the Marine Industry.
  • - Takes into account applicable guidelines, standards, codes and publications, which are issued by maritime organisations and are directed towards creating a safe, healthy and pollution free environment.
  • - Implements a Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program (SOHSP).
  • - Continuously monitors all safety, pollution prevention and occupational health aspects of the vessels.
  • - Complies with applicable legal and other requirements to which the Company subscribes which relate to its Occupational Health, Safety hazards and environmental aspects.
  • - Frequently inspects the managed fleet and carries out necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • - Continuously improves its management system by taking corrective & preventive action for identified problem areas.
  • - Provides adequate information and resources to effectively implement this management system and achieve objectives and targets.
  • - Provides a framework for setting & reviewing OH&S, environmental & other objectives and targets.
  • - Has developed and implements a management system which is “Safety, Health & Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency” oriented.
  • - Has carried out a generic Risk Assessment to its basic operations and practices and has established safeguards against identified risks.
  • - Endeavours to operate managed ships within ALARP (“as low as reasonably practicable”) levels of risk.
  • - Has established measurable safety management system objectives that are evaluated and reviewed during Management Review Meetings. For the measurement & evaluation of the set objectives a number of targets are used.
  • - Undertakes an obligation to society (corporate social responsibility), in the form of commitment to local, national and international regulations, attention to environmental issues and adoption of a risk management policy.
  • - Makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy workplace and considers working safely a condition of employment.
  • - Provides necessary resources to implement the occupational health and safety program.
  • - Recognises that no task is so important for an employee to put himself at risk of injury or illness in order to get it done.
  • - Protects the Health of seafarers and provides prompt access to Medical Care on board and ashore when needed.
  • - Supports the purchase of energy efficient products and services, and where applicable supports design energy efficiency improvements.

All Company employees, shore based and seafarers are responsible for implementing the Company’s Safety, Health, Environmental & Energy Policy and are required to comply with the applicable standards and with the ship’s occupational safety and health policy and program.
The Company’s Management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Safety, Health, Environment & Energy Policy and the company’s occupational health and safety program at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.


With the ultimate objective of protecting Human Life and the Environment and of assuring the highest standards of Safety at sea, the Company has established a “Zero Tolerance Policy” with respect to consumption and possession of drugs & alcohol on board the vessels.

This Policy and the implementation details that are described below guaranty that:

  • 1) no seafarer will navigate a ship or operate its onboard equipment while impaired by substances.
  • 2) all seafarers must be able to respond at any time in an emergency situation using their best capabilities and unobstructed judgment.

The Master is responsible for the implementation of the drug & alcohol policy onboard his ship. The company shall provide him with the equipment and the necessary guidance to administer alcohol tests for all employees, officers and ratings, as well as all the necessary support to implement the disciplinary action.

These regulating policies apply to all Company personnel during their employment period whether onboard or ashore.


"Zero Tolerance” applies to all alcoholic beverages, including beer. This means that drinks containing alcohol are not permitted on board Company vessels and may not be consumed by any officer or unlicensed rating, regardless of whether the vessel is underway or in port whether watch keepers or not.

The Company shall perform the following alcohol tests:

1) Pre-Joining: performed by the Company or by its Crewing Offices depending on the seafarer’s location.
2) On Board Random testing: performed randomly and unannounced on board by the Master and Safety Officer to Masters discretion but all crewmembers including the Master must be tested at least once (1) per month.
3) Reasonable cause test: performed when there is reasonable belief that violation of this Policy has taken place.
4) Post-accident test: performed after an accident on those who were directly involved.

Details on frequency and procedure for the above tests are presented in the relevant Procedures of the Company SMS.
Details of the tests are entered in the logbook.
If the alcohol content of any seafarer (including the Master) after properly tested is found to exceed the Company set limit, he will be dismissed without compensation and his name and rank must be immediately reported to the DPA and Crew Manager ashore.


”Zero Tolerance” means that the Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Drugs & Substances, Is Prohibited

Any use of a prescribed controlled drug which causes, or contributes to unacceptable job performance or unusual behaviour should require the seafarer to be excused from duty until such times as he is repatriated, or treatment and its after effects ceased.

Attention: Officers and crew when embarking must declare to the master any kind of prescribed pharmaceutical drug that they are using and/or are carrying with them.

Company shall perform the following drug tests:

1) Pre joining testing.
2) Unannounced drug tests by a qualified external contractor following chain procedures, at least once (1) per year.
3) Monitoring of supply and distribution of controlled pharmaceuticals.

If the result of drug test is positive the Crewmember will be dismissed without compensation. Immediately Master must report his name and rank to the DPA and Crew Manager ashore. The seafarer is subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal.

Drug & Alcohol Test Procedure

Unannounced Drug & Alcohol tests are performed by a qualified external contractor following chain procedures, at least once per year (1).

Details on frequency and procedure for the above tests are presented in the relevant Procedures of the Company Safety & Quality Management System.

Analysis results are forwarded to the company office by the external contractor, if the test result is positive, the company to investigate and take appropriate action.
Details of the tests are entered in the logbook.
All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships and in Etheronic Ship Management Pvt Ltd.’ offices.